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Aug 18, 2016

I used the screen recording to capture a series of screen shots for software training using standard 4:3 ratio and step-by-step view mode. I then imported the slides I wanted from the series into my course shell, which is a (wider) custom size because I wanted the screen shot on the right and some explanatory text on the left bar.  However, when I import them in, they are centered. Sincethe screen shots are not a draggable image, is there a way for me to right align those screen shots? See attached example. Thank you!

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Anne Baker

Hi Christie, 

I am pretty familiar with formatting, but I don't believe this is an image.  So, to clarify:

1) I used record screen to capture step by step actions.


2) I want those step by step actions embedded into a template I made that is LARGER than the screen capture itself, so I can have text explanation on the left. 

3) I open to template I made, that is wider than the 4:3 which I used to capture/ 

4) I import my captured slides

5) The screen shots center themselves in the slides, and I want it right aligned.

2)  The resulting slides from the record screen (step by step actions) do NOT show the screen as an image, so I don't understand how to format it. 


The fundamental question here is what type of object is the screen capture? The mouse action is an action path, a short video shows the click, etc, and those objects in the screen capture can be manipulated, formatted. The underlying screen shot can NOT, as far as I can see?

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