Screen Recordings not working for HTML5-iPad

I have a presentation that has a couple of screen recordings throughout. When I publish the presentation, I choose HTML5. When I test it out on the ipad, the screen recordings do work. Everything else works except for these. Is this a common issue or is there something I am possible doing wrong. 

Note- the Screen recordings do work on a PC, just not the iPad. 


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica,

What version of the iPad and iOS are you using? With earlier versions, there was an issue where only one media file would play at a time and that could impact screen recordings as described here. 

If you're on a more recent iOS (like iOS7) or a newer iPad, are you able to share your Storyline file with me here so I can take a look? 

Jessica Calvin

Thank you for your reply. We have an ipad 2 with iOS7 and are still receiving the error. I have attached the zipped file. Its published for an LMS- do I need to republish to attach to here? I have never uploaded a project on here before.