Screen Recordings: One versus many to reduce file size?

I searched the forums but couldn't find anything related to my question. Please point me in the right direction if I missed the discussion!

I'm about to record my screen for a software simulation. Is there a recommendation or best practice for recording screens to reduce file size? In other words, is it better to record it all in one recording or should I break it up into multiple screen recordings? Or does it even matter for reducing file size?

Thanks for any information you can provide!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Amy!

I'm not sure that I've seen a question similar to this either.

I think of screen recordings more in how you will use them. If it's a different process or scene, perhaps record that separate. If it's one process, one recording should do.

You can reuse screen recordings as well. Check out this documentation for instruction.

As far as size goes, you can control some of this in the publish quality section.

Hope that helps!

Let us know how it goes as you build your course.

Amy Vaquera

Hi Leslie,

I never came back to thank you for your response. Thank you! I opted to do multiple smaller recordings for most of my course modules. However, when I got to the assessment, I decided to record everything from start to finish. It resulted in a 400 slide recording (Try/Test mode).  I didn't really notice a huge difference in file size but what I did notice was a HUGE performance slowdown whenever I had to do action fine tuning. I eventually removed 50% of the slides for one reason or another but since the recording contains the entire video, the performance hit is still noticeable.

So just my two cents... Record in bits and pieces if you want to keep from waiting several minutes during action fine tuning. Thanks!