Screen Recordings Result in Nothing But Blackness

Nov 15, 2021


I'm not new to Storyline, but I am new to using Storyline to record record my screen. 

From within my Project, I right click on a slide click New Slide and Record Screen. Everything looks OK on my end. I am recording a web browser. I've tried Chrome, Edge, and IE. When I'm done recording and my project tries to save, the screen is black along the entire recording. This even true is the Insert Slides dialogue box when it's asking me how to import the screen recording. It never shows the actual screen. 

I tried to search through other discussions and Google to see if other people have run into this issue. It looks like some have, but there was no advice or answers for how to resolve. I'd love some help with this one. 

Thanks in advance. 

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Becca Levan

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes, Stephanie!

Sorry this is happening; I'm happy to help figure this out, so let's jump in with these tactics:

Let me know if any of these get you happily recording. If you're still stuck, you can connect with us in a case so we can dig in deeper!