Screen recordings to be copied

May 20, 2015

Hi there,

I'm developing screen recordings with step-by-step mode. My recordings are inserted in high number of steps. I would like to merge them somehow.

E.g. when I record a file upload function, I don't want to have separate steps for pressing browse, selecting a file, pressing upload.... I just want to have these on one slide. 

It's also pretty annoying when I display the content menu, and there are 100 slides for a relatively single set of actions.... 

There is a way called "action fine tune" with which you can include more/less recording on one slide, but this is not true for the mouse cursor. So my screen recording would go on without the mouse action...

I don't want to insert my recording as video on a single slide, because the screen is more blurry and I loose all the exact mouse motion and effects.

Anyone experiencing the same issues? Any idea is welcomed.


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