Screen recordings to be copied

Hi there,

I'm developing screen recordings with step-by-step mode. My recordings are inserted in high number of steps. I would like to merge them somehow.

E.g. when I record a file upload function, I don't want to have separate steps for pressing browse, selecting a file, pressing upload.... I just want to have these on one slide. 

It's also pretty annoying when I display the content menu, and there are 100 slides for a relatively single set of actions.... 

There is a way called "action fine tune" with which you can include more/less recording on one slide, but this is not true for the mouse cursor. So my screen recording would go on without the mouse action...

I don't want to insert my recording as video on a single slide, because the screen is more blurry and I loose all the exact mouse motion and effects.

Anyone experiencing the same issues? Any idea is welcomed.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Attila,

When inserting as step by step, each element is broken out into their own slides as you saw. The action fine tuning methods as you mention are the only was to do this with the built in Storyline set up. You can review the information on how to work with the screen recordings here.