Screen Recordings with interactive slides

Oct 12, 2018

Hi,  I have 11 recorded screen recordings using Storyline 2 (see attached).  I need to create interactive slides for each screen recording.  Then I will need to link all screen recordings and interactive slides into one training.  I have been reading user guides, watching videos and playing around with linking them all together and nothing seems to work.  Would LOVE any advise on how this can  be done.  I've have no formal training using Storyline 2.

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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for including the screenshots, Sheri!

It looks like you have each screen recording already inserted as a video, but you still need to insert the step-by-step interactive slides. I can help with that!

First, go to the Insert tab, click the Record Screen drop-down, and choose an existing screencast. Then select the option to insert it as Step-by-step slides

Then, repeat this step of all of the screen recordings in your file.

Finally, to connect all of the step-by-step slides linearly, click the chain link icon at the bottom of the scene, then choose Link to Slide or Link to Scene.

If you need some extra help with this, attach your file here and I'll take a look!

Sheri Wade

Here is a rough draft of me linking all scenes with the slides.  Can you let me know if I'm on the right track before I move on?  I need to do some fine tuning, but want to make sure it at least is working the way it should.  It's basically, they watch the video and then practice what they watched.  I do notice that the Third Scene where they need to scroll, it automatically does it, so not sure what I need to do on that.

Alyssa Gomez

Stellar work, Sheri! I can see that each scene starts with the video, then the learner can practice the steps on the following slides. 

Scrolling is a bit funny on screen record step-by-step slides, since the learner cannot click-and-drag or use their mouse wheel. I would leave those slides alone so that they automatically scroll. 

It's looking great so far! 👍

Sheri Wade

I took out the "Jump to 5 Log out" and it won't jump to the last scene which is "5 Log Out".  The window pops up and won't proceed to the last scene.  When I put it back in, the pop-up doesn't work, it just jumps to the last scene.  Is there another solution or can I not have a pop-up window if the last slide is a "click and drag" animation?

Sheri Wade

Okay, so i have a different issue.  Not sure if it can be done with the current video or if a new video would have to be done.  Or maybe it's not something that can be done. 

We want the last interactive slide to show what the end of the video shows after the learner clicks on the  last "hot spot".  I have 4 scenes that I need this to work in.  See attached videos with interactive slides.

I.E. - Scene One - Record Count - a window pops up after clicking "Record Count" from the drop down.  The last interactive slide doesn't show the pop-up window indicating 12 records. 

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