Screen shot resolution and sizing

Our E Learning is based on our software (developed in house).  A majority of our scenes are screen shots.  In my former content program I built each screen capture to a 800 X 600 format as a .png format.  In a standard Storyline slide that size seems to be to big and my images are a little blurry.

 I am a newbie to Articulate so any suggestions are welcome.

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Mark,

Not sure what you mean by "have to"? Also, I'm not an expert on graphics and resolution, so if you're asking about best practices in terms of quality, I'll defer to others. They can tell you whether it's best to crop the photo to the correct size before inserting it into SL.

What I CAN tell you is:

Default Story size is width 720  x height 540

I just experimented with a photo on my hard drive that was initially width 832 x height 600

I inserted it "as is"

The picture format dialog box shows that it is now width 720 x height 519

Scott Warner

Thanks Mark and Rebecca for the replies.

Mark, when I do the screen shot, I can resize the image to any size I want, however the quality of the image is my concern. A standard 800 X 600 image is blurry.  It gets even worse when I zoom focus.  I guess Ill review my software settings and see if their is a way I can capture differently.

Thanks for the heads up on the actual slide size.  That helps.