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Hi All!

I am preparing to create a course around a software application. In many cases I want to use screen shots rather than screen recordings. I like the screen shot and screen clip tools in SL but is there a way to get an exact size each time I grab a new screen - I don't want the browser elements? So for example if I need a screen that shows the default state of a drop-down menu then one that shows the menu options shown...I need the two images to be the exact same size (again, I don't want the browser frame). So in the past when developing in flash or captivate, I would set a canvas size in photoshop, say 400 x 400, print screen and then paste into photoshop - ending with multiple layers that would then be exported. The great thing with the process is you can easily create a series of screens that are all the exact same dimensions and line up perfectly when creating simulations, animations etc. Can I do all this in storyline? I hope that makes sense....

Thanks in advance!

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Simon Perkins

I use SnagIt when I want to be super-accurate with anything related to screen capturing.  It has loads of settings (including custom ones) for grabbing screens, windows, scrollers and more.

It also makes it easy to set/know the positioning and size of what you're capturing so you can easily crop out the stuff you don't need thus leaving you will overlays, eg a dropdown menu, that you can then super-impose on another capture.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

I'm a snagit user also, Al. And you can do similarly to what you described in Snagit with a Custom Profile...and then save that profile so it's always available to you. Did a quick Google search to see if there were ready-made instructions, and found some here: