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May 07, 2015

I purchased Storyline 2 after using the software on an older computer and I loved it.  I recently upgraded to what would be considered a standard new laptop from Best Buy, nothing special.  However, the resolution when I open the software is crazy small.  I have to go between programs nonstop for the design and engineering training I'm putting together, so switching the resolution while I work on it is not an option.  I was hoping the new upgrade would have fixed the issue, but no such luck...

Is there a fix for this or did I just waste $1500 and now need to go find different software that is up to date with the times??  If there's not a fix, any recommendations for other software platforms?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Please help!!  Thank you!!

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Lakshmi Vidya Peri

A work around for this issue:

1. Reduce the screen resolution to 1400 x 1050.

2. This will make all the icons and other open windows huge.

3. To overcome that issue, sign out from your account and sign back in.

4. This will make the necessary changes on the display and everything will be in the normal sizes.

Hope this helps!!!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lu.  I'm sorry that you're having trouble with the resolution.  Can you tell us some more about what sort of computer you're using?  What resolution setting have you tried?  In my case, I'm on a Macbook Pro with a retina display, and I run Windows using Parallels.  I follow these recommendations regarding disabling the retina display, and I'm able to have a functional Storyline interface.

We're happy to help troubleshoot and try to get you working comfortably!

Bill King

Hi. I'm a fairly heavy SL2 user and was about to buy an Asus Zenbook Pro - today actually - with 4k screen but am having 2nd thoughts based on potential HD screen issues with SL2 shared here. It sounds like folks are finding a mix of good workarounds, OK workarounds, and no-workarounds. I just wanted to check in with the community and see if there was an update re SL2 compatibility with newer/4k-screen laptops or anyone had any advice. Specifically, I was wondering if 1) SL2 or SL 360 resolves the screen res issues, and/or 2) anyone recommends I should lower my sights on a new laptop due to SL, i.e. no hi res screen. 

Bill King


Many thanks. I believed that was the case but wasn't sure.

FYI, my dilemma now is whether to get the 4k screen and either 1) upgrade to
360 and commit to significantly more cost (licensing), vs. 2) wait for SL3
if it will have both responsive design and be high res compatible (those two
adds to SL2 are really all I need), and hope I can work around the SL2
screen res issues AND don't have substantial responsive design
needs/projects in the meantime. (even if you don't have time to reply btw
just writing this out is helping me think it out, so thanks again for your
reply :)).

Do you happen to know if SL3 is aiming to be high-res compatible, or have
any suggestions generally give my situation?


Bill King


Crystal Horn

Hi Bill!  I wanted to pop in and confirm that Storyline 3 will have the same hi-res support as Storyline 360.  So if you get a chance to test out Storyline 360 on a new hi-res display, you'll see that same performance in Storyline 3.  The same goes for our totally rebuilt HTML5 engine-  you'll get all the perks of responsive design as well.

Once we release Storyline 3, we'll be able to provide a robust feature set description for you!

Also just wanted to note that replying via email includes your contact information in the post.  You can edit that out if you wish.  Thanks for checking in!

Crystal Horn

It will be in 2017, but we haven't nailed down a date yet, Buddy.  Stay tuned to E-Learning Heroes and our social media outlets!  Plus, you can manage your email preferences for your Articulate ID, and that'll ensure you get notified whenever something big happens!  Check out my Peek recording about managing your email preferences.

Bill King

Crystal, thanks for the info/update. Do we know, will or could there be a list made available of 360 features that will not be compatible with SL3? Not sure how unique my situation/appropriate the question is, but reason I ask is my current thinking at least is to pay for 1 yr 360 license (to accommodate my high-res and responsive design needs in the near term) then switch over/back to SL3 once it comes out, and if there are only a few 360 features not supported in SL3 I may be able to avoid using those for any 360 courses I create until SL3 is released. Hope that makes sense. Thanks again for the support.

Christine Miller

Crystal -
I am one of the many who had to reluctantly return SL2 because of the
screen resolution issue on my new laptop. Based on the messages on this
forum, I see the issue was never actually resolved over the last 1+ years
and only workarounds have been suggested (which didn't work for me). Do
ANY of your products work correctly on high resolution monitors? Thought
I'd ask before I drop out of this feed for good and walk away from
Chris Miller

Crystal Horn

Hey Bill- not inappropriate at all, and in fact, a popular query.  I'm going to reference what Ashley answered here:

Since Storyline 360 has elements of Articulate 360 woven in such as access to Content Library or Review - we'd have to find a way to disable or remove those buttons/options...There will be some connection between features and being able to use content created in Storyline 360 when Storyline 3 launches, but as Storyline 360 continues to have new features and elements added, those features may not work in Storyline 3.

I know you're probably looking for a more defined set of features, and once we are ready to release those details, we'll be sure to share them with you.  It's a great question, and I get where you're coming from.  I'd encourage you to connect with our Customer Success team, too, and let them know your particular situation for more individual guidance!

Crystal Horn

I hear you, Chris, and thanks for reaching back out.  Have you been able to test out a trial version of Articulate 360?  We've improved support for our hi-res display customers, and since Storyline 3 will have the same display support, you'll get an idea of what how that product performs if you are thinking of choosing it over Articulate 360.

For a quick idea peek to compare, here's a screenshot of Storyline 2 on a hi-res monitor.  And here's one of Storyline 360.  You can see the interface improves quite a bit.

I hope that's helpful, and we'll take the feedback on how your testing goes with 360!

Bill King

Hi Crystal. I ran into a screen res problem with SL 360 I was hoping you could help me with. I bought a new laptop with 4k screen last week, changed the display settings to 1366X768 yesterday (as a fix for the "too small to read"-SL2 display resolution issue), then decided the resolution was not adequate/too blurry, so changed my display settings back to "3840x2160 (recommended)" to use with SL 360 (which was displaying properly/sharp on my new hi res screen at the recommended settings before I changed them), but now while all my other apps are back to normal/displaying propelry, all SL verisons, i.e. SL 2 and SL 360, still remain blurry, i.e. now I can't get SL 360 to display properly even with the original/recommended display settings.  Please see attached to see what I am seeing. Many thanks in advance for any guidance/suggestions. 

Crystal Horn

Hi Bill - so that we could better troubleshoot this, would you be able to connect with our support engineers?  Your experience seems peculiar, especially in light of your screenshot where even the scale of that slider in your display settings in Windows changed.  Our engineers can get some further information from you and see if we can get you the best guidance!  Thanks!

Katt Korner

Someone made the cynical comment years ago that when the issue finally does get resolved, it will come out as a payable upgrade, not an overdue free bug fix... I was hoping that would not be true.

But, sounds like that is exactly what is happening, or am I misreading this?

Upgrade to 360 or Storyline 3 when released to get the functionality that fixes a major flaw in Storyline 2?

The frustration for me is that there is a difference between providing a fully functioning product and providing new features/enhancements to a product.

When a product does not work correctly on the current technology (now years old), and you fix it, that is not a new feature or an enhancement. It is a bug fix, and should be provided as part of the original product.

I really like Storyline despite some basic missing features, like tables and hyperlinks in menus, but this philosophy of treating fixes as new features that must be paid for is really dissatisfying. 


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Katt, 

Although this forum discussion dates back some time, the issue with the high resolution monitors started to rear it's head after Storyline 2 was designed and released. Our team looked at the fix associated with changing this behavior in Storyline 2 while we were designing Storyline 360, and since all the proposed changes involved an overhaul of the entire interface it was determined to involve too much risk of impacting other parts of Storyline and a lot of time without a guaranteed result. Based on that the team moved forward with testing and double checking the fix we were putting in place for Storyline 360 (and ultimately Storyline 3).

We knew it would leave some folks disappointed, and that's not something we ever want to have happen...but was the unfortunate reality of the situation for this issue. I hope this gives some additional insight into the process, as our team did work diligently to determine multiple options for fixing it which ultimately resulted in the decision I shared which still stands today. If you'd like to discuss anything in terms of upgrade costs with our Success team they'll be happy to talk through that with you.

Bill King

Sean, I received the following from support and it helped me, although I pretty much stopped using SL2 shortly after I received this early Jan 2017:

1.) Display resolution settings to not more than 2000 pixels in width.

2.) Set DPI to 96.  Here’s how:

Once done, please see if you have any issues with your Storyline applications.  If so, kindly provide details of the issue:  

a.) What process is being performed (editing, previewing, playback)

b.) On which applications do you get the issue?

c.) Provide screenshots of the error

d.) What OS version are you using.

Sean OBrien

Bill and Eva,

I just came across this while searching for another issue and wondered if you found the answer. I have a High DPI laptop and I thought this was the same problem where all the controls were displaying very small. This happened to many of my applications especially Java based ones.
This article states it has the solution but is very complicated and didn't work.  CLICK HERE

This worked for me. It is a setting for each program in Windows 10. You know  > RIGHT CLICK the program icon > Properties. Drove me nuts until I found it and it was so simple. So I am Just putting it out here in case some one runs across this problem. CLICK HERE 

High DPI

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