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May 07, 2015

I purchased Storyline 2 after using the software on an older computer and I loved it.  I recently upgraded to what would be considered a standard new laptop from Best Buy, nothing special.  However, the resolution when I open the software is crazy small.  I have to go between programs nonstop for the design and engineering training I'm putting together, so switching the resolution while I work on it is not an option.  I was hoping the new upgrade would have fixed the issue, but no such luck...

Is there a fix for this or did I just waste $1500 and now need to go find different software that is up to date with the times??  If there's not a fix, any recommendations for other software platforms?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Please help!!  Thank you!!

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Sean OBrien

I have a High DPI laptop and several applications, especially Java ones (Inkscape) have this problem. When I looked into it I found all I had to do was adjust the High DPI scaling for the application.
See if this works for you:

Sean OBrien

Hello All,
I tested this again on my laptop with a Hi DPI screen and SL360 works just fine. I looked at my settings and I don't have the HI DPI settings disabled. I did a post a while ago on this as I had problems with other software like Inkscape. This is a good video that shows the problem and the fix.

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