Screen Size - Storyline2

Heroes ... I know this has been discussed before, but I'd like to check anyway.

In my lesson, I link to some software demonstrations  which I recorded in Storyline.  The demonstration screen in the player is very small.  (The parts of the lesson that just text are fine).

I've tried numerous screen resolution sizes on the computer I use to record the demonstrations - no change.  In Storyline, I have the Browser Settings  set to(1) Resize Browser to optimal size and (2) Scale player to fill browser window.

I've attached a screen shot of the player.  Please let me know if anyone has a way to make the demonstration larger.  Thanks All!!



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Ron Price

To adjust the story size in Storyline - choose Design>Story Size.  Best practice is setting this before you put in content.

When you choose Screen Recording, the recording screen will resize to match that default aspect ratio.  If you need to resize the recording screen, resize from the corners and you should have the same apsect ratio