Screen space and importing SCORM content in Moodle


I am testing importing SCORM files (previously worked in Storyline) 

into Moodle, however as you can see in the attached picture (red box)

the options of the left with the titles of the slides are not shown.


These options are shown correctly in Storyline as you can see here

 Can you suggest me how to solve this issue?


BTW, I am also worried about the size of the presentation block.

Can this be resized automatically?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alejandro, thanks for the screenshots!

Open Player Properties, and click Other. What settings do you see there for Player Size?

Try using Scale player to fill browser window. This will scale your course (up or down) to fill the learner's browser window.

Republish the file with that setting, and upload the output to Moodle. Let me know if you see an improvement!