Screen Video Recording from PowerPoint

I have a client which needs to record a video of a PowerPoint show with their voiceover from their desktop.   They do not have Articulate or Storyline.     But I need them to be able to record this similar to if I was recording a live webinar on my end. 

This is something I don't do much with.  Can some tell me the easiest way to to create a decent quality video recording of a PowerPoint show delivered in live mode with the presenter adding voice commentary during the process?   Total time is about 15 minutes.

FYI, I will be taking this video output and using it inside one of my StoryLine modules.



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Bruce Graham

Will Findlay said:

You could use Articulates very own Screenr... //

and then download the MP4.

As above - limited to 5 mins unless you updgare to Pro, (and I am not sure whether that goes to 15 minutes).

Why don't they download the trial version of SL, then record 5 x screen recordings?