Screencast - a choice of two resolution

Hi friends,

I have a problem:

I want to make a screencast in two resolutions to choose: medium (1280x720) and low (853x480) in one SCORM.

I already recorded the screen 1280x720 tool "Record Screen" - Video on a slinge slide in Articulate Storyilne 2. I added descriptions, reader e.t.c.

Now I miss the idea to introduce changes resolutions.

A nice solution would be to click on the button "Change resolution" during screencast or something on the principle of action playera youtube.

Do you have a creative way to do it in Articulate Storyline 2?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Arkadiusz!

You will be able to use the same Storyline screen recording more than once in your course as explained here.

You can also change the compression and size as explained here.

Creating buttons that trigger to the appropriate slide that you want the user to see could be an option.

Hopefully someone in the community will be able to share ideas/suggestions as well.

Arkadiusz Malkowski

Leslie  thanks for your response. 

Pages that you gave I know very well.

Now I would need a patent to change the resolution.

You should keep in mind. It needs to change the resolution for several items on the slide that create a screencast (video mp4, sometimes screen .jpg, shape with descriptive text  e.t.c.

it's not just about video mp4

But it can also be information for the same files: .mp4 + .jpg. Maybe on layers?
I'm curious how to do it.