Screencast: Editing the Screen



I am creating a screencast for software training.  Because I want everyone to see the screen easily I recorded in full screen mode.  This is not a step by step but a video on one slide.

In full screen recording I get a lot of extraneous detail from my laptop.  Can it be cropped without losing the full screen size?  I have attached a screen shot so that you can see what I mean.  

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Crystal Horn

Hi Joan.  If I'm understanding you, you'd like to crop the screen recording video you have on a slide using the video editor tool.

When you crop a part of the video, it creates new dimensions and won't scale to fill the space that was there.  You can maintain the aspect ration, but it seems like you just need to lob the top off.

Before the crop, 2 identical videos:


Cropping the bottom one:


After the crop, bottom one is smaller now:


You can resize the video in your slide, but you might suffer quality loss.