Screencast screens on iPad app

Hi all,

I recorded a video of software screens at 1116x811 (that's the size of the software). However when I play back on iPad, the screens look pixelated -- probably because they're being "shrunk" on the fly to fit the iPad app dimensions...

1. Does anyone know the exact dimensions within the Articulate iPad app I have for optimal settings?

2. Is there anyway to prevent the pixelization of the screens during playback?

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Steve Flowers

Stretched to fullscreen, the iPad app should occupy a 1:1 pixel ratio of 1024x768 on iPad 1 and iPad 2. Are you running at fullscreen or within the minimized window?

One way to see how much space the minimized view takes up is taking a screen capture using the iPad's built in screen cap feature. Press the Home button and Power button simultaneously to snap a screenshot of the app in action. Bringing that into an editor you should be able to pinpoint the exact dimensions. 

Targeting 1024 x 768 for "1:1" or the default 4:3 720x540 should provide a smoother "scaled up" image than a scaled down video interpolation.