Screencast videos not working

Hello. I have put together a training on a mobile app. I have 4 screencasts recorded from my iPhone of the app. The videos play fine on my computer, but when I insert them into Storyline AND Presenter, they do not play properly. I have had all sorts of issues. Either the video doesn't play, but the audio does (so it looks like a picture with a voiceover), or the audio starts at the beginning of the video, but it is only the second half of the audio (wayyyy out of sync), or it does NOTHING at all. The video is an MP4. Any suggestions?

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Cristiana Ratti

I am having a similar problem.  I insert a video into Presenter 360 and it plays fine using the play button on the slide, but if I preview it or publish and import into my LMS, it is a black screen when I push the play button on the slide.  It's an MP4 format file.  I had read on this site that MP4 can mean several formats, so I used a video editor to export it to MP4 (h2.64) which I thought would work, but it still won't play in preview mode.  Is there anything else I can try?

Cristiana Ratti

Hi Ashley,  Thanks.

The file is too large to share here.  It says I have to open a support case, however, it seems the file is to large for even that.  I have tried three times and it keeps looping back to the open a support case page.  I have uploaded it to google docs and the path is in case 01800289.  After reading some more posts, it should be related to the file size, but it would be helpful if the error message was consistent and more helpful and specific to the issue.