Screencast will not play in Production

I've built a very simple course in Storyline 3 that consists of 2 screen captures and a video. When I preview it in Storyline, it works as designed. When I view it in ScormCloud, it works as designed. When I view it either via an invitation from ScormCloud or in our LMS Pilot environment, the first screen capture does not play but the timeline continues to advance and when it gets to the video, the course starts playing and completes. I originally built it with the assets in linear format (screen capture/video/screen capture) all on one layer, then I tried building it in separate layers. Either way, the result was the same.  I've spent multiple days already trying to resolve - Help!

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Debbie Lipke

I was in IE as that's my default browser, when I tried to access in Chrome, I got the attached message.  Attaching the invitation link from ScormCloud in hopes it may provide more information.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Debbie, 

Did Leslie's link work for you? What update of Storyline 3 were you using prior, it looks like Leslie published with Storyline 3 Update 3 which would be the latest at that time. 

Your link looks like the course may not have been packaged or uploaded correctly. What SCORM option did you choose upon publishing? 

Traci, I saw you also had a case going, and it looks like Eloisa was doing some more testing on your file.