Screencast with Imported Audio vs. No Audio

Jun 03, 2015


I'm a content developer new to Storyline.  Tasked with creating simple screencasts of e-learning courses,  coupled with audio, I am having difficulty understanding the basics of why Storyline 2 is capturing audio, too.  I've recorded audio in Audacity, and when I listen to it (still in Audacity) while actively doing a screen capture, Storyline 2 is capturing the audio with the video, even though I've selected NO AUDIO on the Record Screen function.  A bubble once popped up stating that Muting the audio in the video will only apply during Preview, not when Publishing.  What gives?


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Stacy B

That is correct, I've selected NO AUDIO.
I did just come across information that states I have to disable my speakers on the computer so Storyline 2 won't capture it. How am I supposed to hear myself so I can capture the video correctly?? It seems that I'm going to have to send my .wav files to another computer so I can listen to them while capturing screencasts.

If this is the best SL2 can do, then I will likely use an alternate video capturing software and import these to SL2, as well.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Stacy!

I'm not sure if you were trying to include an image here, but replying to the forums via e-mail does not allow attachments to come through and does post your signature. You are welcome to pop in and edit that if needed.

As to your question, I was just able to duplicate what you are reporting and this is not new to SL2 and occurs with SL1 as well. I will ask our QA Team about this to understand if it's expected and update here if applicable.

Replay may be able to accomplish what you are trying to do though :)

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