Screencasting and swf files

Hi Team,

We have a group of LMS users who can only hear audio via SWF however they can watch MP4 screencasts and don't benefit from audible mouse clicks, etc.  That is acceptable.  Knowing the general audio issue, I normally embed audio as swf files and the published zip file remains as swf and therefore works.  However, this is the first time I am publishing a file that contains screencast with an embedded swf file, and the software seems to convert the swf files to flv which don't play back on our LMS (for that specific group of users).  This is not an LMS issue as it does play back for other users.  Any workaround?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Billy,

Thanks - I must have missed that when I first read your post. I took a look and saw it was a screen recording conducted within Storyline and then inserted as a step by step slide but that there were additional SWF files on the slides? I couldn't trace where those were coming from based on your set up as reinserting a step by step screen recording didn't create those video files. I do see that upon publishing it there are a series of MP4 and FLV videos which is expected for the basic screen recordings as they're not built in as SWF files -but I'm curious if you could share one of those video SWF files that are on the slides - I'd like to try inserting that on it's own in a project?

Billy Lochrie

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your continued support on this in the meantime.

Yes - the order of doing things was screencast with no audio - inserted as step by step view mode.  Then I recorded audio files using separate software in order to create an output file as swf. I had to add an image and make it a video so just used a speaker icon.  The three files in the uploaded .story file are attached.  Theses were originally inserted as videos because that's technically what they are but as per your first response re inserting flash rather than inserting video, I then tried that.  Unfortunately, that didn't work either.  Upon publication, there is no evidence of any swf files in the story content folder of the zipped file.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Billy!

I took a look at the file you shared here and see the behavior you are reporting within your file.

If I utilize the 3 files you shared above in a new file, I do not see this same behavior.

I removed the files and re-inserted them as Flash files and I'm not seeing the same issue.

Can you take a look and be sure I'm not missing something.

Billy Lochrie

Thanks Leslie,

Where in the removeaudio.story file will I find the actual .story file so that I can look at the authoring of it?  At the moment, the audio is looping so the .swf file needs to end before the timeline, even if it's only by 0.25 secs,  I want to amend this and see if it works for me.  Also - I am confident that the files were inserted as Flash files so can you advise what settings you used when publishing incase this something else I need to adjust?


Billy Lochrie

Hi Leslie,

When I download your .story file and publish it, I can see the 3 swf files in the story content folder within the zip file so that is the first step to success (and this was also the case I after I removed the 'play till end' flag which is the cause of looped audio.  When I try it with a different file (or even original test file) I am unsuccessful.  Can you possibly advise exactly what steps you took, in order, re the .story file and three .swf files I uploaded.  I'm convinced there is an order to doing things that is more successful than others.  I can then try replicate it.  Thanks.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Billy! 

I simply utilized the same files you shared in a new story file. I didn't make any edits or change any settings. 

If you add the file into a new file, with no setting changes - does it work as expected? Perhaps there is a setting that is making the issue occur and I would be happy to continue assisting so we can better understand.