Screencasts deleted as No In Use issue

Hi All,

Long time reader, 1st time contributor.

When using a screen cast on a layer in a slide the video file will not be displayed as In Use in the recordings menu list and if you select Delete Unused Video then the screen cast used on the layer will be deleted as a result. (Will still be available on the layer but not able to export etc).

Can you please advise if this is known issue and can we have fix asap as I have lost video as a result and could not export afterwards.

I have attached the Story file for an example and detailed explanation below.

As per Slide 3.1 - Clipart Tutorial video is listed as in use in the Record Screen list.

However slide 2.1 has a screen cast on the base and layer which are not listed in the Record Screen list after I Deleted Unused video.  Originally I placed the screen cast on the layer of slide 2.1 (this is when I noticed it was not listed as In Use) then tested deleting unused recordings which resulted in the video being removed from the list and also to add to the issue it renamed it to a random keyframes.mp4 name in the slide.  I then copied it onto the base layer and still did not appear in the Recorded Screen list. 



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew, 

Glad you've gotten your first post in! I never had tried to put a screen recording on a layer and not on the base layer, so I took a look and saw the same behavior as you described. As a workaround, I included the screen recording on the base layer and used the "eye" icon to hide it on the layer so that it would still appear as in use, but only play on the layer.

I'll share this with our Quality Assurance team for review, but in the meantime, I'd suggest using that workaround to continue working on your project. 

Andrew Gee

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the confirmation of the issue. 

I am not deleting any undused screencasts as a precaution also and with the renaming of the screencast on the layer slide as well as the inability to rename the Screencast in the timeline I am being very cautious with screncast use on layers at present.

Please advise if there is a fix to be applied, update etc.

Many Thanks


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Andrew,

I will certainly keep you posted when there is additional information to share in regards to this issue, but I don't have a timeline to offer in regards to when I'll hear back from our QA team. When I did my testing it looked like the screencasts that were used were only deleted when on the slide layer, not on an individual slide's base layer. So if you need to delete any screencasts for overall file size, you'll just want to make sure they're not on the layer.