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Oct 01, 2018


I made a presentation, and added zooms to the slide presentation (which was made up of slides converted from a screen recording).  It looked great in preview mode, but when published, the zoomed in views were blurry and out of focus.  

So then I thought I'll do manual zooms that are high resolution and not blurry on the sections I want to zoom in, save those as separate recordings, and then insert those separate recordings on different layers in one slide, set triggers for them to show layers at specific times in the timeline, and create the effect of zooming manually, by using these other layers with zoomed sections.

Ultimately my presentation would have slides with 4-6 layers, each with a different screencast on them. 

But I can't get even one layer with a screencast to display at a certain time in my test project (attached).  The base layer shows, but the second layer doesn't, even though there is a trigger for it to display.

I need help with this issue, or suggestions for how to work around this problem.

Thank you.





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Ok.  The real problem is actually that the zooming works great when I preview it, but when I publish the file, the zoomed in image is blurry, even though it is perfectly clear in the preview. Which is why I have to try and use this workaround in the first place, when I would much rather have the zoom working to show a clear image. Do you know why that would be?


NB 10/1/18

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi NB,

I didn't see any errors viewing that file, so I'm not clear on what I'm looking for. 

Scaling an image or zooming in will cause a change in quality, and the size of your image and how much you zoom in will determine how noticeable that is. I'd start by taking a look at our best practices here on working with media in Storyline. 

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