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Oct 22, 2013


With the lastest Storyline version, it's easier to translate the texte of the module into several languages.

Today, we need to create a set of eL modules with lots of screenshots in which the local language of our learners will appear. Take the screenshot of IE for example, for the French learners, all buttons in IE is in French while for Chinese learners, their IE is in Chinese.

Imagine that we need to explain how to use IE in different countries. We have to take several screenshots of the IE that our training staff use and insert explanations based on these screenshots. Once this module of 50 slides is done in English - with IE screenshots and explanations in English - we will have to have it translated into more than 10 other languages, like French, Spanish, Literary Arabic, Russian, Chinese, ...

To acheive this goal, we can collect screenshots of IE in different languages, but we need to avoid recreating more than 10 times the same structure of slides with the same triggers and layers as in the initial module in English.

So we would like to know if Articulate Storyline can propose some solutions to meet our needs in translation into multiple languages of a module with screenshots.

Thank you for your help!

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HH Alizon

Hi Lesile, I read several relative threads that you suggested me. However, I found a lot of them talked about the necessity to have one or several modules for multiple-language modules and how to realize it.

Maybe I was not very clear in my question. I'd like to know how to avoid repeating the same creation for translated modules. It means that we plan to create only one module : the master module in English with lots of triggers and layers. When this module is OK, we need to avoid doing the same creation for other modules in other languages.

Do you have some advices?

Thank you in advance!

HH Alizon

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your reply!

I read the threat that you mentioned and tried the way proposed in this threat.

According to this threat, what we need to do is to import the master module to the new module, which means to copy-paste the module ".story" and rename it as a new one. Am I right?

So it means that we need to change all the screenshots in the newly created module ".story" to have a translated version?

Do you have some advices so that we won't need to replace manually and one by one the old screenshots by the translated ones in order to save time?

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi HH,

Copy and paste - or follow the directions here to import it into a new project, which is probably a bit safer to ensure you get all the "pieces."

The screenshots are as images, so you'll need to have those recreated in the correct language, but the captions will be translated following the procedures outlined here to translate Storyline content. 

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