Script Error message when using Storyline in SharePoint

Jan 21, 2013

I am able to use the web part Page View (iframe) on a site page in SharePoint 2010 to display the Storyline.  I have added the swf file from a document library.  Problem is in order to see the page an error message keeps popping up several times iwth the following message:

An error has occured in the script o this page.

Line:  1

Char:  1

Error:  Access is denied.

Code:  0

URL:  https:// then the swf url is here

Anyone run into this issue?  What was the error for and how did it get resolved?  Thanks.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Sara. Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Personally, I haven't used SharePoint, but I have seen a few issues pop up from other members that have used it in the past. From what I've read, the published content needs to be uploaded in "Explorer View" in SharePoint. 

You might want to take a look at this thread for more information. 


Sara Johnson

Thanks for your resonse.  I was able to use the Exploer View.  My content can be viewed in SharePoint, but with just the error messages.   I'm thinking it might be an administrator issue, but we currently don't have a specific SharePoint adminstrator that can help with this issue at this time.  So I was trying to see if anyone else ran across that same issue just in case it wasn't an access, permissions, or administror control issue at this time.


Sara Johnson

Hello Jon,

I wish I could help, but I never did get the issue resolved.  If I were to guess; I believe it had more to do with our security and permissions on our SharePoint administrator side.  I didn't pursue to resolve the issue as I have already left that company.  Wish I could help.  I might suggest contacting your SharePoint administrator (if you have one) and they may be able to tell you if it has to do with security or permissions on SharePoint first.

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