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Amy L.

I have found in both Storyline 1 and 2, in software simulations, the scroll bar appears after typing only one character. The scroll bar appears to have no relation to what the user has typed into the field. Is there a fix besides deleting the field and creating a new one? That is what I have been doing. 

Amy L.

It happens in both versions. It happened before I upgraded and after. However, when I tried to copy just one slide to provide as an example, if I did change the text entry field a little, the scroll bar went away in preview. It doesn't go away in the original file, which I can't send because it's huge and has proprietary info. I will attach a screen cap of the behavior, if that helps. This is just the raw recording slide with the text box resized. If you wanted I could try saving as and deleting everything but a few text entry slides.

The work-around seems to be to move it to a new file and then move it back. Or, as I did, just delete and replace the field.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi amy,

If moving it into a new file and moving it back solves the problem, I'd want to confirm that you were working on local project files as described here. You may want to try importing all of it into a new file entirely to see how it behaves and go from there. 

I see the behavior in your image, but taking a look at a few of the slides will be helpful and if you need to share privately you can always send along here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Amy, 

That's an interesting set up - so you're viewing someone elses machine to do this, or how are you capturing what the user is entering on the remote machine? Normally when conducting a screen recording and trying to record another computer's screen it wouldn't be picking up the clicks or the typing but just the video of it all happening - so it sounds unusual that yours would be gathering that data? 

Karras Schaff

4 years since the initial post and there is still no way to disable the scrollbars or limit user input in Storyline 3/360??

Pressing enter in an input box in a software simulation should always commit the text not enter a line break. This one feature keeps my organization from using your software.

Karras Schaff

Hello Leslie,

The answer on that thread only covers character limits. The bigger issue is that the enter key acts as a character return in all user text input boxes. When trying to simulate software with text input, typically the enter key submits the text entered. This is a severe limitation that does not exist in Adobe Captivate. 

It's a shame, because just about everything else in Storyline is preferable over Captivate. Captivate has it's own limitations, but none so basic as this.

Karras Schaff

One example is a ticketing system. When we have the user simulate entering something in a search field, pressing enter should "run the search", it shouldn't insert a line break.

When simulating entering a logon ID or password, pressing enter should not insert a line break.

When entering in a serial number, pressing enter should not insert a line break. 

For software simulation, in almost any scenario outside of entering case notes, pressing enter should not enter a line break and the text input field should not have any scrollbars.