Scroll bar: Horizontal and vertical


I have an image and it is too big to be shown on a screen. Also, there is information associated with the image to be shown.

I have decided to use the right side of the screen for image. As the image is too big I have used the scrolling panel for the image.

I realise that with vertical scroll panel I can see half of the image. I have space limitation so I cannpt increase the size of scrollbar horizotally.

Can anybody suggest me how can I introduce horizontal and vertical scrollbars for the same image so that I can have the full view of the image?

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Michael Hinze

As I had mentioned in my earlier explanation: if you need both vertical and horizontals scroll bars, I would add the image fullsize into a simple html page and then use a Storyline webobject to link to that page. If the image is tallerr and wider than the dimensions of the web object, scrollbars will be displayed automatically.