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Nancy Woinoski

I am using the current version of Storyline and am testing on an IPad2 with the latest iOS. 

It is not easy to get the scroll bar to appear. Try tapping on the screen where you think the scroll bar should be and drag your finger down as you are scrolling. I have reported this as a bug so hopefully it will get fixed in a future release.

Deanna Brigman

The scroll bar does not appear on the iPad until you are actually scrolling through the content.

You have to make sure to use two fingers to scroll the content otherwise it does not work consistently. 

I suggest putting instructions that indicate there is content to be scrolled and two fingers are needed to get it to work.

The scrolling issue works much better in the latest Storyline release. If you are using an earlier version then it doesn't appear to work consistently regardless of whether you use two fingers or not.