Scroll Bar Vs. Paused Video

Hi guys!

I have made a bunch of short demonstration videos on using an LMS but am having an issue with linking the timeline of the videos to the scroll bar.

The videos present a "show me" version of the system with the user watching the demonstration along with info boxes appearing throughout. In order for the user to have time to read these info boxes I have triggers to pause and then play the video at several junctures throughout.

The videos play fine when in a linear fashion. My issue is that when I play the slide and try to use the scroll bar as a means of navigation (to quickly go back or skip forward) it does not recognise the play and pause triggers set up and it comes across as a jumbled mess of info boxes appearing out of sync.

Does anyone know a way of having the scroll bar recognise these triggers?

Appreciate the help guys!



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Matthew Smith

Hi Bryan,

By scroll bar do you mean a seekbar allowing you to skip forward or go back in the video?

If you are using the controls for the video then the seekbar will only skip the video and the timeline will remain on the same time, meaning you pause/play triggers will be out of sync.

Try removing the controls from the video and adding the seek bar to the player:



Bryan Kearney

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the reply. I had just realised that I said scroll bar when I meant seekbar!

So yes, it is my seekbar that is out of sync. I am not using the video controls at all, just the seekbar for the slide and that is where my issue is, the seekbar does not recognise the play/pause triggers.

I would really like to have the seekbar correctly reflect the slide to allow the user some freedom instead of just play and pause.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for sharing the file here, and thanks Matthew for taking a look. I believe what Matthew is referring to is the issue detailed here where the video is out of sync with the timeline when other elements have been added such as text boxes or other audio. You'll see my most recent reply here and it is something our team is actively investigating and working on. 

Bryan Kearney

Hi Ashley,

thanks for pointing me in the direction of that discussion.

In the end I decided to publish and then record the screen as the video plays without interruption. I then used the recording as a video that the user can skip through.

I did lose some crispness and quality in the image during this process but it is a decent workaround if you want to allow the user control of the video.