scroll content of a webobject in html5 version on Safari for IOS

as i summarized in the title, i am opening a web object in a slide, linking to an external pdf. On Safari for IOS (htm5 version) it is impossible to scroll down the content, because all the player is moving when trying to scroll. I noticed that the scroll become active in the slide containing the web-object (while it is disabled on a standard slide), so is that a problem regarding the javascript controlling the web-object? It shoud allow the scroll just on the web-object itself, not on the whole page...


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Zio,

What iOS are you using? I see that our team is aware of a very similar issue specific to iOS7 but that everything works normally in iOS8. I'll include this thread in the report filed with our team, but since it seems to be specific to iOS7, I'd recommend looking into updating your iPad OS. 

Walt Hamilton

I've noticed that sometimes it can be really tricky on the iPad to find the sweet spot between scrolling the whole player and scrolling the object. It seems to involve touching and holding a moment before moving, which I think allows the iPad to register that you are accessing the object, and not the player.