Scroll panel buttons not showing

Hi....I have successfully added a Scroll Panel to my project with some text. When I view it while working I can see a top and bottom button as you would suspect.  When I Preview the course however those buttons are not there.  I am using Chrome so I get that the scroll bar looks different (based on each browser....actually not true.  I just check the course in Chrome, FF and Safari and the scroll bar looks the same.) but why am I not seeing the top and bottom buttons??? This is an accessibility issue for me.  


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Katie Riggio

Hey there, Russ!

Thanks for taking the time to share what you see!

You're right — the scroll bar style while editing looks different than the one during preview and the published output. Here's a short video demo of the experience.

This was a design decision to provide authors with a better visual indication when working on a scroll bar, but it sounds like you have a need for a custom design.

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