Scroll Panel in a Scroll Panel

Sep 01, 2015


I am building a simulation course for our company technology and need to place a scrolling panel inside a scrolling panel (this most accurately simulates the application). Is this possible?

In another section, I would need to place a horizontal scroll inside a vertical scroll.

I was not able to find these answers in my research. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,

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Walt Hamilton

The official position is

Scrolling panels can contain text boxes, shapes, pictures, videos, buttons, and more. In fact, they can hold anything except other scrolling panels and objects that originate from slide master placeholders.

But that doesn't mean that nobody has come up with a workaround. The users here are pretty resourceful.

Michael Hinze

This may not work for your content, but if you have a large content item, e.g. an image, you could add it to an html page and then display that page inside a Storyline webobject. See here an example. Because the image exceeds the Storyline project dimensions both verticallly and horizonatlly, the webobject automatically adds scroll bars.

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