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Ryan Martin

Scrolling needs to get fixed. Not responsive enough with the iPad App, and buggy in HTML5.

Example in HTML5: Scrolling "snaps back to top" (like an elastic) when held at landscape (my default design) ... but then I tilt the iPad to portrait, scrolling works as it should ... rotate back to landscape, and scrolling is now "fixed" for landscape.

Also, YouTube videos embedded in my scrolling pane don't work in HTML5 or iPad App.

Hope, for updates, scrolling is a priority (fixes & horizontal scroll), as it is an expected content strategy/UX within mobile apps.

/end two cents.

Kevin Thorn

Not sure if this is related, but I've run into a number of text formatting issues copying/pasting from Microsoft Word.

Here's a tip:

If you simply copy/paste from Word you'll get a text box that's formatted slightly different than if you were to type the same text from scratch. Line spacing is off, bullets are aligned differently, etc.

One way I've found to paste from Word into Storyline and retain "Storyline's" default format are these steps:

  1. Copy text from Word
  2. In Storyline, insert new text box
  3. Place cursor inside new blank text box
  4. Paste "into" the existing text box.

An extra step but less than copying twice into Notepad. Haven't had any format issues since I stumbled on this idea.