Scrolling bar appears in menu and resources - what's up with that?

Hey guys, I'm hoping I can call on the collective wisdom of the articulate  community to help me solve the following problem.

I've just build my first course (actually e-briefing) in Storyline 2 and during testing a small number of users reported issues accessing the menu and resources drop down placed in the top right hand corner of the player (see screen shots of problem).

As you'll see, a scoll bar appears where it shouldn't. As a storyline/developer/tech (you name it) newbie I'm wondering if the story size (1054 x 576) could be causing the issue if the user wasn't using a wide screen monitor? Alternatively, I'm wondering if I need to adjust the player or browser settings. Has anyone else experienced this problem and can you point me in the right direction?

Your advice is appreciated.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Katrina -- Thanks for your question and sorry you are running into issues! Would you be able to share your .story file so we can take a closer look for you, please?

You may also want to review this information on changing the browser settings and player size to see if you find improvement. 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Shannon -- Thanks for reaching out! May I ask if you could please check to make sure there are no extra spaces or that the Return key was not hit inadvertently? If that does not help, we may need to check out your file or a generic sample that demonstrates the issue, and you could share that privately via this form if necessary.