Scrolling Horizontally using Scrolling Panel?

Can the Scrolling Panel be used to scroll horizontally.  As in the case of a picture gallery with thumbnails that user can scroll through and then click to see the larger image?

If not, are there any templates or examples of using Storyline to create interactive photo gallery slides? 

I am attaching the Storyline slide that I have so far.

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Roland Straub

Stumbled overt this thread while searching for an answer to Q: "how to create horizontal scroll Panels" and was first happy as the concept seems very locigal. Yet, after trying it myself, I somehow cannot get my horizontal scroll bar to work.

As should be seen in the attachment, the text field I want to show in the horizontal scroll Panel goes crazy, after turning back the text field 90°. I selected "do not autofit" but the text box jumps somewhere in the middle of the Panel. When I align it manually, the scroll Panel disappears. Any one seen this before and any idea, what I could be making wrong? 

thx in advance and best regards

Robert Lengacher

Hey Roland. I agree that something is odd about your production file. Even though I posted that original video, I took a different tack since a slider is now an option. I combined a slider, picture with 5 states, and a scrolling panel, and five triggers to get a similar effect. Maybe that suggestion will help. 

Roland Straub

Hi Walt and Robert

Walt: Thx for the link. Didn't find the "horizontal scroll panel" solution there, but great ideas about how to handle large contents:-). 

Robert: You're so right, I could do it with a slider just as well and that's what I'm gonna do now ;-). 

Thank you guys. I really appreciate your support and wish you a nice evening now - or day, in case you're reading this across the Atlantic Ocean.