Scrolling panel and Android tablet


My course contains many scrolling panels, and they work perfectly o the PC, but not on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, nor on the iPad mini. The project launches in HTML5 on both devices.

Since I publish my course on an LMS which is password protected, I can't use the apps for iOS/Android operated devices provided with Storyline 2 (which I would upgrade to if they worked ). 

My questions:

Is there a way to make the scrolling panels work? 
Is there a way to use the apps for iOS/Android if the courses are published on a password protected LMS?
Have someone used the scrolling panel feature successfullyon the apps for iOS/Android?

Thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bipin,

What scrolling issue are you facing with this project? Storyline 2 allows for scrolling in the HTML5 output using the one finger method as detailed here.  In HTML5 output, you can scroll anywhere in the scrolling panel. You don't necessarily have to use the scroll bar. (Mobile Safari doesn't show scroll bars until you begin scrolling.) Where have you uploaded your published output to test and how are you accessing it? You'll want to confirm you're viewing the HTML5 output in one of the supported browsers here. 

You mentioned your settings to prevent the user from clicking on the base layer, and I'm unsure what connection this has to your scrolling behavior so perhaps you could share a bit more information. 

bipin chander

Hi Ashley 

Thanks for quick reply.  Please view the below link for more clarification.

On clicking the button a popup dialog box will appear, where you will find that no text is scrolling in the popup. This problem exist in all major browser Firefox and Google Chrome(latest version 51) and i-Pad and tablet device.

Please go through attached print screen.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Bipin -- Thanks so much for the additional details, and I also found the behavior you are reporting when testing on my Apple and Android mobile devices. As Leslie indicated, this issue has been reported to our QA team and although we cannot provide a timeframe for potential resolution, any additional updates or information we receive will be shared here. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Lisa, sorry this is plaguing you! The issue we shared with the team was that scrolling panels on layers do not work correctly in HTML5 and on mobile devices. Does that seem to match what you're seeing in your file? 

If you don't mind sharing your file, we would be happy to give it a test on our end to verify that your file is related to this known issue. Just click here to send us a copy of the original .story file, and we'll take care of the rest!