Scrolling panel and layers

I have a slide the presents the screenshot of a document page on the base layer. For optimal readability, the page image is larger than the slide, so I've placed it in a scrolling panel. There are icons on the base layer that trigger the display of other layers, each of which presents a callout for a section of the document. All of this works fine, but when the user is viewing a non-base layer and scrolls, the callouts maintains their x,y position. I'd like the callout layers to scroll, too, but my experiments in adding scroll panels to the those layers are failing (failing=the image doesn't scroll at all when non-base layers are viewed). Maybe I've approached the problem incorrectly in the first place. The sample file is attached. Suggestions?


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Michael Hinze

I would make the callouts part of the scrolling panel so that they scroll with the form. That way, you don't need layers at all. See attached file with two changed hotspots Loan Estimate and Projected Payments. I turned the hotspots into transparent objects, the callouts sit on the Selected state. Hope that gives you some ideas.

Sandy Nietling

Thank you , Michael, for taking the time to take a look at this. Your example displays exactly the behavior I was hoping to see. I'm afraid that I'm unable to see how you were able to create these results. I don't see the callouts (text box objects) as objects nested in the scrolling panel, and I'm unclear how to set them in a selected state. I'm sure I'm missing something obvious - can you point me in the proper direction?

Sandy Nietling

Thank you again - that should have been obvious. I have not worked with the States tab before. I tried to replicate your results with another of the callouts and was successful once I created a new rectangle object with which to set the states. At first I was assuming that the states were set on the former hotspot objects. The results are beautiful. Your help is very much appreciated.

Sandy Nietling

Hi Alvin,

It isn't necessary to create a  trigger with the Triggers panel to create the effect.  Use the States tab (to the right of the Timeline tab) and define a selected state for your trigger object. The selected state for my project described in this thread included the display of an additional text box that included my callout description. The "trigger" is the user click on the object for which you are defining the state; this results in the state change and the display of your additional collateral.


Alvin Cheng

Thank you Sandy and Ashley for the guidance. For those who are going to attempt this, this are the steps I did.

1) Create rectangle, set "Fill Color" to 100% transparent

2) Go to States of rectangle and and create new state "Selected"

3) Select the "Selected" state and paste the image you want to pop up on it

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alvin! 

The layer simply displays on top of your base slide - seems like you want it to 'move' when you are navigating on the base layer as well?

I'm not sure of a way to do so, but if you would like to prevent the base layer from continuing to scroll, you could prevent this while the layer is still present:

Simply choose to prevent the user from clicking on the base layer.