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Merel Wesselink

Hi Lauren,

What if you don't want to use the timeline to start a trigger? 

For example, I'm trying to accomplish the same kind of animation trigger as in Chris Hodgens' Deepdive Storyline project (https://discoverelearninguk.com/wp-content/uploads/storyline/scrollbardeepdive/story.html):

When the user scrolls down (whether that's by using the mouse wheel or by clicking and dragging the scroll bar down), the text and image will appear at a certain point. I can't seem to find the right trigger that allows me to start an animation (text and image appear) when the scrollbar reaches a certain point. 



Merel Wesselink

Hi Phil

Thanks for your help. 

My biggest issue here is that I can't seem to find a proper "when" for this trigger. 

For example, to start the animation when the user scrolls down, I've inserted a trigger like "jump to [time 10 seconds] on this slide], or like you suggested: [change state from hidden to normal", but what about the "when" of the trigger? The perfect 'when' would be when the scroll bar is at a certain point, or when the image is showing up on the slide so the animation starts playing. Both of these options aren't available. 

Do you have any advice on what the trigger would look like when changing the state of the object from hidden to normal?