Scrolling Panel - content is not legible

I've tried a few ways to insert my content into a scrolling panel, and am having problems with making it legible.

I have an 8-page PDF document that I want in the window. 

First I tried converting it to PNG, and inserting next to the slide.  However, Storyline automatically resizes it to the height of the slide, and when I size it properly and add it to the scrolling panel, the text is very blurry.

Then I converted the PDF to Word, and copied all the text into a text box, and added that to the scrolling panel.  I specified the fill for the text box as white, and the font as Courier black.  It looks great until you preview it, and then the type looks kinda washed out/broken up.   It's much more legible than the PNG file, but still not great.

I reformatted the text box as Consolas, which seems much more legible, but it doesn't look like the document they will actually see, which is unfortunate.

Am I missing something, or is there a fix for this?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Anne,

Not sure if this is an option for you, but how about using a different method for showing the PDF content? You could trigger the file using a button, add it to your Resources, or even upload it to a web server and insert it as a web object.

To me, it sounds like the web object may be a fantastic option for you, if you want to keep the content in the same slide and have the ability to resize it on the slide. 

Another option would be to take some screenshots and place the images in the box, but it sounds like you're doing something similar already.

Just some ideas :)

Anne Goldenberger

Thanks Christine. 

I tried the Web Object option, which really is pretty nice, though I'm using this in a quiz question, and I found that I cannot seem to force the feedback (Correct, Incorrect) to appear on top of the Web Object.  I'm thinking I could do a workaround for that though too...

Reading over your reply, though, I realized it was possible to add more than one screenshot to the scrolling region.  This does look MUCH better than when I had combined all the screenshots into one very tall image! 

Good options though, thank you, I will keep playing with it and see what I can come up with.