Scrolling panel --image won't "stick"

Hi! I can't seem to get an image to stick on the scrolling panel. Even though it is inside the scrolling panel area, it doesn't scroll with it, but floats in the same position on the layer while the textbox beneath it scrolls just fine.

In other areas of the course I've been able to paste images into the scrolling panel and they stay where I put them, (even this same image, using the same technique to paste and position it), but on this particular screen the scrolling panel doesn't seem to recognize the image and won't "grab" it.

What's the trick to getting something to stick on a scrolling panel?



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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Karen,

I'd agree with Nancy's initial suggestion to group the elements, although since you mentioned it does work in certain areas of the course and not in others it's worth checking that you're working with local project files as working on a network or USB drive could cause odd or unusual behavior within your course. 

Karen Phelps

Thanks for your suggestions, everybody. --None of them worked, however. I had tried cutting and pasting the object repeatedly, to no avail, and Storyline wouldn'tn allow  me to group the button with the text. I'm working on my C drive, so there are no network issues.

I was finally able to move the object outside of the scrolling panel and move it back into the scrolling panel, and it stuck. I had tried this several times without it working, but this time it worked! Yay!