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Jill S

Crummy user experience...I got one scrolling panel working...it works fine in Preview...so I set up 3 more scrolling panels...then when I get to Publish I find the huge blank gap (1/2 of the scroll!) at the end. I go back and look at my work. Then I come here and find this issue pointing to Microsoft. Very disappointed in Articulate, and very disappointed that I just burned a few hours using functionality that doesn't work. No, I can't just tell my client to "use Chrome." :-(

Kelly Van Wave

Hello, I see this thread from 3 years ago and I am currently experiencing a similar issue. I am using storyline 360 and while using Microsoft Edge I am getting a large blank space in my scroll bar. When I use google chrome the scroll bar works fine. Is this still something articulate is fixing?

Ren Gomez

Hi Vijay,

We just released an update for Storyline 360 that fixes an issue where:
Project files wouldn't open after adding a result slide due to an error with text scrollbars.
Just launch the Articulate 360 desktop app on your computer and either Check for Updates in the drop-down next to your profile or click the Update button for each application. Details here.