Scrolling panel makes content blurry

On several of my slides, I'm using a scrolling panel to display document-style content that is too large to otherwise fit on my slide. The content is a hi-res PNG image at 100% original size. Since a lot of this content is text, it's crucial that it be as crisp and clear as possible. Anyway, I've noticed that when I place the content into the scrolling panel, it becomes noticeably softer. See comparison below:

Any advice?

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Greg Edwards

Good tip, Michael. I actually encountered that issue previously, and figured out that when I have images that are longer than 2048px, I'd have to slice them in Fireworks and tile them in Storyline to maintain fidelity to the original.

But no, this image is 100% original size (860px x 1425px). I can pull the picture object out of the scrolling panel, and it looks sharper. When I put it back into the scrolling panel, it's immediately soft again. The content is basically just a tabular, form-type layout, but then Storyline doesn't provide tools for building this kind of stuff directly into the slide. So I have to author it in another program, make an image out of it, and then import it. And now that's blurry. It's extremely frustrating, cause I'm spending way more time on this that should be required. Grrr.

Should I be approaching this problem from a different angle altogether?

Alisha Klatt

Hi Ashley,

I know this thread is old, but I'm encountering the same issue when I place a PNG or JPEG image with text and photos appearing blurry inside of a scrolling panel. 

Unfortunately Storyline 3 is not allowing me to import an SVG image. Could you please let me know what format of vector image Storyline 3 accepts?

Thank you,