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Geert De Rycke

Hi Carol,

There are several ways you can do this

Option 1

  • Create a scroll panel
  • put a textbox into the scroll panel (approx same width of you panel)
  • open your Word document
  • Select your text (ctrl-A)
  • Past your text into the textbox rsiding in your scoll panel (normally the formatting should be kept in tact)

Option 2

  • Print the work doument as a PDF
  • convert each page into a PNG
  • Copy each PNG into your panel



Cheryl Melfi

In my experience it can be a little fiddly to actually get the text box to go inside the scrolling panel. What has worked best for me is to make sure the top left corner of the text box is well inside the scrolling panel--even if it doesn't line up the way you'd like. The scrolling panel will then usually recognize the text box, and once it's "in there" you can move it around pretty freely without losing the scrolling functionality.