Scrolling panel resets to the top when changing slides.

Hello. I have a set of slides and a menu inside of a scrollbar. Each menu button redirecting to a different slide which will have it's own content.

My problem is, that every time a button is clicked, scrollbar goes back up to the very start. 

I need to have the scrollbar stay as is OR move it to a preset position (not all the way up) Something like an initial state (position) for the scrollbar.

I attached a file, excuse the foreign language please. (also I don't know what format it's best to attach here so I'm just putting .story)

Try clicking on the 5th button, it will open up a long submenu. Scroll down and select a sub-option like "Testas". You will notice how it snaps to the top and leaves selected button burried under.

I am using "reset to initial state" in the slide settings, because otherwise hover and selection states on buttons seem to screw up.

Thank you for any suggestions.


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Wanda Blackett

Hi Tomas,

Not sure if you would be able to achieve what you're going for when you're jumping between slides.  The scrolling pane seems to automatically reset to the top during the jump.

It looks like you have quite a few menu items leading to many slides on here... but, perhaps you could achieve the same look by using layers?  That way, you can have the menu stay on the left and have the content change on the right based on the layer?  Though, again, that would probably be a lot of layers.

Good luck!