Scrolling window on iPad

I have a module that is sized approx 800 px wide by 1200 px height. This is an annotated reprint that plays in a scrolling window when I launch on a Mac/PC using the "Resize browser to fill screen" and "Lock player at optimal size" settings. I need to force the module to maintain its size so the reprint is readable.

When I launch on an iPad using html5, all combinations of browser settings seem to force the content to shrink to the iPad's available window size - in other words, the window can't be forced to allow scrolling and to display at the optimal size. As has been mentioned in the community before, you can't use gestures in html5, so the content remains small and unreadable.

I have to use html5 on the iPad for LMS reasons - the Articulate Player isn't supported.

I can't use a Storyline scrolling pane as an alternative for several reasons - mainly because I then lose the ability to nest layers in the pane - some of my pages have 10-12 layers used to access different annotations of the reprint, and it would just be too clunky to use scrolling panes.

Is there a solution/hack to force the iPad to scroll a Storyline window? If not I may have to revert to Lectora to do the job - that would be a shame as Storyline is an easier development environment :(


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Rob!

Are you able to replicate your issue in SCORM Cloud? I want to be sure that the issue is within the course and not your LMS and this will help us determine that.

If you are able to replicate, I would love to take a look at your .story file so that I can understand what you are reporting better.