Scrubbing in video fixed problem in Storyline (Update 8—Build 1605.515). Or?

Hi all.

According to the release notes this should be fixed in the Update 8:

“Fixed issue where a video would no longer be synced with the slide's timeline after using the seekbar to scrub back and forth through the video.”

To my experience this does still not work as expected. Neither when using the timeline in ST or when scrubbing through published material.

What are your experience? Is it important that the project is created after the update or does it not matter?




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Walt Hamilton

The update forces the timeline to jump to the nearest keyframe, which does keep things in synch, but does not allow for seamless dragging.

If you are reviewing, it shouldn't matter when the project was completed, because this is something that happens in SL, and the updated version should work this way with any project.

It will not work with published material if it was published before the update, so yes, update, then republish.

Ashley Terwilliger

HI Gustaf,

This fix was referring solely to the Storyline seekbar while you're previewing or viewing the published output - not the slide timeline preview and using that indicator to scrub the slide.

As Walt shared, it'll jump to the nearest keyframe and you can see this described a bit more here. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gustaf,

Did you see the confirmation page pop up after you submitted it here? If not, that would be an indication that it did not go through and you may want to try submitting it again or using a different web browser. I don't see a recent case for you based on searching on your name alone - so if the case submission form isn't working for you, you could also start a case by emailing and they'll be able to provide you with a link to upload your files. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gustaf,

I'm just checking in on your case and it seems that you and Ryan were able to work on the case and he shared the following as the last update:

The behavior that you are experiencing now is expected since the timeline of the Base layer is separate from the Slide layer. If you notice, when you select different points on the seekbar, the video changes but the text on the layer stays the same since the timeline of the slide layer is separate. As of the moment, merging the timeline of the base layer and slide layer is not supported. I have submitted a feature request on your behalf. You probably already received an email from us letting you know. 

Hope that helps clarify what you're seeing, and if you need any additional information please feel free to respond to Ryan in your case or to me here.