Scrubbing the timeline

Aug 06, 2015

Is there a way to scrub the play head on the timeline so you can see your animation in action without previewing or hitting the play button on the bottom left corner? I find these 2 methods highly inefficient especially when I'm only making minor adjustments and want to see how they look right away.

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Fred Good

I feel your pain, Alastair, as my team was opposed to moving from SL3 to SL360 for a long time. We finally upgraded to SL360, and we're glad we did. We figured the future is inevitable, and anticipating updates to SL3 was like taking a 1974 Chrysler New Yorker to a dealership today for a tune up, or asking Adobe to update Photoshop CS6. For us, the change has been well worth it. For example, Review 360 is a fantastic tool we never knew would be so useful (especially while working from home). And I'm betting SL360 will get updated with great new features often. This is simply my opinion and my experience, but I hope it helps.

Alastair Steele-Leith

I paid for a perpetual license for SL 3, quite a lot of money for a piece of
software tbh.

While I do not like paying for subscriptions, if there was an update to SL3
with features worth updating for, I’d happily pay. The general word though
is you’re pricing yourself out of the Market.

Microsoft, for example charge just £7.99 a month for access to much of their
suite, and you get the storage.

Granted, having looked at the latest version of Adobe Captivate, I still do
not regard it as a very nice product.

Just a shame, would love to remain with SL, but at about £100 a month to
subscribe, not got that disposable.