SDK for Storyline 2


I want to use SDK for Storyline 2 to specially customize my course background. However, I only have the new version of Flash (now Animate) from the Creative Cloud and I can only publish to ActionScript 3.0. I read that the SDK needs to be published to ActionScript 2.0. Will 3.0 still work? Or if not, is there a work around for the newer versions of Flash (Animate)?

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Dave Cox

I know that this is an old post, but the answer is this:

The current version of the SDK available for download will work just fine with ActionScript 3.0 and Adobe Animate. Just publish out the frame.swf file and copy it to your story_content folder and run your story.html file as normal. If you don't have any errors in your code, the story will play as normal in the new player. If your story won't play, then you have something wrong in your new code. I always start from a pristine version from the download as a sanity check before I change any code so that I'm sure that the player will work.