Search Bar in Storyline 2

Hello! I am attempting to build a module for our corporate library which, as much as possible, has the look and feel of a bookseller's website (Amazon, B&N, etc.). When it comes to creating a versatile Search function, I am stumped. As has been pointed out in past threads, the use of Flash causes issues for the search functionality in some browsers, and is highly limited, and past discussions on this topic do not quite seem to fulfill my need. My questions are:

1) Has anyone discovered a workaround which allows them to build a custom Search bar which does not rely on Storyline 2's built-in Search feature?

2) Does Storyline 3 have a more robust Search bar feature which does not require Flash?

Thank you in advance! 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Olivia, 

The search feature of Storyline 3 is still built into the player as it was before, but with Storyline 3 (and Storyline 360) you can now publish Flash free and use HTML5 only. That may help with the issues you've experienced in the past, but I haven't heard a specific issue with searching being related to Flash. 

I hope the community has some other ideas on how to set up custom search options in Storyline! I'll be curious to see them too.