Search feature and fonts appear inconsistently in different browsers

Dec 05, 2018


I have developed a course and tested it using SCORM Cloud. The Search bar only appears in IE (we're on version 11) and is not visible in Chrome or Safari.

The font also looks different in Chrome and Safari.

Would you be able to help? I have attached my file for your reference.



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Steve Gannon

Hello Anuradha,

Your file is developed in Storyline 2. That version of Storyline only supports the Search feature in browsers supporting the Flash Player.

You can scroll through a list of features supported by the Flash output, HTML 5 output, and the Articulate Mobile Player app here:

Storyline 360 does support the Search feature in HTML5 output if you decide to upgrade.

Steve Gannon

You will have limited success on mobile devices with Storyline 2 output. For the iPad, I would recommend checking the "Articulate Mobile Player app" option on the Publish dialog box if you haven't already.

Scroll down this page for a list of browsers/devices supported:


Anuradha Satish

Hi Ashley,

We tested it again yesterday and it works on Safari and Chrome from a Mac. I guess it doesn't support iPads and iPhones without the app installed. Although I do have the "Articulate Mobile Player app enabled when I publish it.

If you don't mind sending me your email ID on, I can forward you the SCORM Cloud link there.



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