Search feature on Storyline web site not working

I am new to Storyline. The search feature on the web site is not working, so I am having a lot of difficulty finding the information I need. I am not a happy camper! I just spent 2 hours trying to resolve a problem that I can't find the answer to (or a sample of) in either the tutorial or forum areas. It should be a simple answer. The freeform drag and drop quiz question option is not working in the way I think it should be. But I can't find a simple example of it to see if it is just me or if the behavior I desire is unavailable.

I created a freeform drag and drop quiz question. More than one item can be dropped onto a drop target item. However, when I drag an item to the drop target it covers up the drop target item, so you can no longer see the drop target. I cannot see a way to force the dragged item "behind" the drop target item so you can see the drop target for succeeding dragged items.

Help! I need this resolved in only 12 hours!

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Alba Pérez
  • Hi!

Regarding the search feature I also mentioned that a couple of days ago on a post and one of the staff members gave me a link to an alternative search method :

Apparently the search function is down while they work on some improvements on it.

Regarding the issue you have with the drag and drop question I think I have an idea which might work. Have you tried using the states? Select a drop item, go to the "states" tab next to the "timeline" on the bottom. Here you can select to create a new state for the selected item by clicking on "edit states". Click on "New state" and call it something like "dropped". You can now delete the drop item so it will dissapear when this state is activated.

Next you need to create a new trigger to activate this new state. To create a trigger you go to the "triggers" navigation panel on the right side and select "create a new trigger". You have to set the trigger as follows:

  • Change state of
  • select the drop item
  • To state dropped
  • when object dropped on
  • select the drop item again
  • select the drop target

Remember to do this for all of your drop items

Next you have to make sure that the state changes are not delayed so you should click the "edit drag and drop" button on the top of the right navigation panel, and make sure that the option "delay item drop states until interaction is submited" is not selected.

I hope this works for you

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi All,

Bobbi and Danielle, welcome to the community! Alba, tx for providing the Screenr link for searching, and a potential D&D solution.

I also wanted to mention, in case you hadn't seen it Bobbi, that you can change the way the dragged items are arranged. If you right-click on the drop target, you'll see this shortcut menu where you can select the desired arrangement.